Homeowner Association Property Management


HOA's must regularly deal with a wide range of intricate tasks and responsibilities.  And the ability to successfully manage these workloads is often the deciding factor in long-term community health and well-being 


  • Collect monthly dues
  • Maintain reserve accounts/studies
  • Collection of delinquent dues
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Pay all invoices in accordance with Board policy
  • Prepare monthly accounting statements or coupons
  • Prepare monthly delinquency report
  • Process liens & coordinate collections
  • Prepare Annual Operations Statement (Budget) for Board approval
  • Coordinate preparation of an Annual Financial Statement
  • Coordinate the filing of required tax forms
  • Regular evaluations of all costs to ensure savings whenever possible


  • Process homeowner's requests
  • Rules and regulations enforcement
  • Assist in coordination of homeowner committees
  • Assist with Architectural Control Committee processing and procedures
  • Obtain bids and recommend contractor(s) to the Board
  • Obtain competitive insurance quotes
  • Correspond to homeowners, Board Members, vendors and others as appropriate
  • Mailings to homeowners
  • Assist in preparation of newsletters


  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Preparation of Board Packages 
  • Maintain roster of homeowners
  • Maintain Minute Book including providing draft minutes for the Board to review & approve
  • Prepare Annual Meetings & Elections; agendas, ballots and all other required information
  • Assist in replacement reserve study coordination
  • Drafting and editing policies


  • Prepare work orders
  • On site inspections
  • Preventative maintenance programs
  • Contracting services


Associations can either be incorporated or unincorporated, however most are incorporated and their corporate status can be suspended by the State of California if they fail to perform certain acts as described below.  They do not cease to be an association, but instead, are penalized by the State to encourage them to comply with the State requirements.

Suspension reasons:

  • Failure to file tax returns ~ all HOA's whether large or small must file!
  • Failure to pay taxes (Rev. & Tax Code   §23301.5,   §23775).
  • Failure to file a "Statement by Domestic Nonprofit Corporation" (Corp. Code §2205).
  • Failure to file a "Statement by Common Interest Association" (Corp. Code §2205).